Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tea's Tangents: Twitter-Free Edition

I promised myself I wouldn't get on Twitter while at work yesterday, so I could be productive. That lasted about 4 hours.

So here's all the random stuff that I would have Tweeted yesterday morning, but didn't.

- I think a certain person is always here because his or her home life sucks. Otherwise there is no good reason (not even money) to be putting in 15 hour days in the summer.

- Man, when people are advocates for you, they go hard. I coordinated one wedding in April and to-date have three referrals so far. Thanks homies [and the big homie, God... always looking out]!

- Someone keeps replying to my blog in Chinese. I translate that junk online. It's usually nonsensical. I said, what do you want me to write about. Person replies in Chinese with a proverb of sorts: to die is sad, but a life without joy is worst. WTF are you on Chinese person? 讲英语

- Dear summer calendar, you're JUKING and I love it! Keep up the good work.

- Perfectionism is a problem. I have a LONG list of work stuff to do and I need to leave at 5:30 and today of all days I decide I can't start work until personal business (oxymoron) is handled. Womp.

- I miss Twitter. When writing and creating sometimes you need a distraction that has NOTHING to do with the task at hand. I guess I'll go to Facebook. Womp.

- I'm starving! Side note: My Jill Scott, Janelle Monae pandora is going so hard right now. Perfect work music. #backtothegrind

-I really should have been born a man. Have a male mgr who curses in e-mail. No one thinks he's a bitch. Let me try that shit.


b.goody said...

The Chinese comments are probably spam. I used to get them which is why I started moderating comments. It annoys me.
As for my nonsensical comments- I really don't know.
Also, people that work too much definitely don't have lives. I love my job, but I'm okay with admitting that my main goal of work is the money ro live my life.
Speaking of, I should be getting ready for work and not websurfing. Peace.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

So glad to be following you on Twitter! You're hilarious. Plus, I don't get around to reading blogs as much as I used to. I've missed ya! ;-)