Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Q2 Update (May)

May - I skipped:
7. My little cousin's 7th bday party
8. Taking an impromptu trip to Atlanta to visit my cousin who was working there
9. Shopping for my Miami & Orlando vacations. I literally did not buy any new clothes for these trips.
10. All forms of kickin' it two weekends in a row in the Chi, so I could have spending money in Miami and Orlando

May's unbudgeted expenditures were:
b. A Mother's Day Gift (which turned into an all day spending extravaganza, but it's all good. Big T is worth it).
c. Happy Hour with a homie (again, worth it)
d. Dinner with a co-worker
e. SATC2

I think - actually I know - May's problem was that ALL of my entertainment budget went to Miami & Orlando, so I didn't have money to do anything else. This would have been fine if it was cold like it usually is in the Chi in May, but it was hotter than that thang and I waste NO summer days.

I didn't save at all and actually had to take some money out of savings to cover my unexpected expenditures. YIKES!

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