Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prudists vs. Exhibitionists

This weekend's family vacation reminded me something that I knew, but haven't experienced in a while.

Women, no matter their age, that grew up in a patriarchal household are much more modest when it comes to being naked in front of others.

Women who grew up in a matriarchal household (no males present at all) are much more free with walking around bucket naked, in the nude.

Since I've been three years old, I never lived in a house where a male wasn't present (either my stepfather or my brothers) and I just can't imagine throwing caution to the wind and having my goodies out in front on my mom and grandmom.

No judgment whatsoever, just a difference in comfort level. So uh, how does/did your family roll. Were/are robes plentiful or when different generations get together do y'all just be washing dishes in the buff? (I'm so curious)


antithesis said...

i noticed in college how free some people were with their nakedness. i assumed people were more comfy b/c it was a women's college. didnt think about family of origin. i have a brother and a dad whom ive lived with most of my life so that was never an option. i actually feel weird with certain levels of nakedness around dudes. i'll be like "u took ALL ur clothes off, huh?" im weird...

Spiderlgs said...

I grew up with my dad when I was little and my brother all of my life.. and I don't ever really cover up. I don't really see a problem with me walking around in undies... and I rarely put on clothes to cover up if I'm going to iron in the basement... even when my brothers friends are down there... I feel like.. seen it once.. seen it all... and I carry about with my bidness LOL But then again our family has never been one of those cover it up families.. nudity was always natural and not taboo..

Kismet said...

I go hard for nekkidness. All female household. Tea you're on to something

K to the... said...

I'm later than a *insert random comparison here.*

I grew up in a house with all women...and I'm nowhere near an exhibitioniSt. And since I live alone, I've yet to just sit and chill..in the nude, unless I'm putting on lotion. Shoot, I gets cold. lol

On the other hand, I have a friend whose parents are married, so her father has always been in the house with her and she cant just be out all willy nilly.. However, she has no problem walking around in the nude or showing her piercings.

So I guess it all depends on the person.