Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye Q2!!! (April Q2 Update)

I'm a couple of days early, but it's going to be Goodbye Q2 week because I'm long-winded...

Ok, so after scolding myself about Q1 savings "fails," I decided to buckle down and make some sacrifices in order to reach my goals.

The first step was to put the money into my savings account the day I get paid. That way if other expenses come up, I have to make a very literal decision to take the money out of my savings, which I'm not usually willing to do. (yes, yes, this is common sense, but I wasn't doing it before, so I'm making a note of it now.)

Here's a look at my sacrifices and my "unbudgeted expenditures" in Q2 (in practicing being nicer to myself, I'm trying to remove the word "fail" from my vocabulary as it pertains to anything I do. So I'll be saying "unbudgeted expenditures" instead because that's what they were).

April - I skipped:
1. Going out with my cousin after her going away party AND going to Vertigo with the homies (rooftop party on the 1st warm weekend in the Chi).
2. Going to Laura W's birthday party.
3. Going to CQ's bar crawl.
4. Going to Ms. Jackson's baby celebration.
5. Going to J's housewarming.
6. Going to Laura C's bridal shower.

April's unbudgeted expenditures were:
a. Buying my niece a bday present. I know when her bday is, but I forgot to work it into my budget. This reminded me, however, to work gifts into May & August's budgets for my other two nieces.


Hillerie Camille said...

I love it. Girl saving money and sacrificing fun is so hard. You have a great plan with the unplanned expenditures. I have to use that myself.

T said...

Hillerie, welcome to Tea & Such! Thanks SO much for commenting and for your support. As I'm sure you know and as you'll see in upcoming posts, it's a real struggle.