Monday, June 14, 2010

Dating Whilst in College

This goes out to RB and she asked for my advice so I'm giving it. Being the single lady that I am I'm not a big fan of giving unsolicited dating advice, cuz folks be like "wait... aren't you single?" And then I feel bad.

I also suggest reading my posts on Dating and Relationships. There's so good (and hilarious) info in there.

Here are Tea's Top 10 tips for dating whilst in collge.

10. You're rarely if ever going to go on a proper date. This is ok. He's broke, you're broke. It is what it is.

9. Date a lot. Don't sleep with all those dudes, but if a man wants to hang out and you enjoy his company, do it. Don't be so quick to turn dudes down. Some of these fellas will turn into great friends. Others will be dudes who you could date if you and your current man don't work out. College is the last place in your life where single men will be (or appear to be) available in mass quantities. Take advantage.

8. Before going off to college women tell young women, "You might meet your husband in college." Before going off to college men tell young men "Have lots of sex." Keep that in mind while making decisions.

7. If the guy says he doesn't want a girlfriend, he means it. It doesn't matter that he TREATS you like his gf. He meant what he said. He's not going to change his mind. Either be happy NOT being his gf or move on to a guy who's looking for a gf.

6. Follow your instincts and intution - If you get the feeling he's sleeping with the girl who's on his futon when you walk in his dorm room, he is.

5. Other women are not the enemy. Nothing good can come from hating on chics that are dating guys you want to date. Being mean to hoes and Kappa sweethearts is unnecessary. Everyone's finding themselves so to each her own so don't waste your energy being mad at other women. We're sisters.

4. Everyone talks to everyone in the microcosm that is a college campus. Don't do anything (especially sex or relationship wise) that you're not proud of doing.

3. Turn off the TV. Don't let the conversation about there not being enough men in the world to marry let you make bad decisions. If you want to clean a man's apartment, knock yourself out, but don't let the Steve Harvey's of the world convince you that the you HAVE to do it "get a man." Any man you end up with should be more concerned with getting you.

2. GO TO THE GYM!!! If and when you have a boyfriend, don't just be in his apartment or dorm room eating Doritos and Domino's Pizza all damn day while he plays video games. LOL! If you make a habit of taking care of yourself while you're in a relationship in college, it'll be much easier to keep those good habits out of college.

1. HAVE FUN!!!! See #9. A lot of people find husbands and wives in college. A lot of other people don't. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be all super serious about dating in college. (I REALLY wish someone would have told me this.)


RB said...

I wish all of this was in my college life manual when I started school...especially 8. Merci beaucoup!

suga said...

This is excellent. I need to send this to every young woman I know who is going off to college in the fall.

I must admit, I laughed when you grouped hoes and Kappa sweethearts together lmao