Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chicago Recycling

Former Earth Doctor reporting, here to tell you about HOW to recycle in Chicago. I'm not going to lie, it's tricky and ridiculous.

Side note. Of course we didn't get the Olympics. We can't even roll out a sound environmental plan. I'm actually sort of disgusted. However, my disgust with the killings on the streets and the subpar public education and health systems for the underprivileged take precedence over my disgust with the lack of recycling. I digress.

Here's how to recycle in my beloved city.

Single Family Home (building with 4 or fewer units) WITH a blue cart (approximately 240,000 homes in the Chi) - You can set the cart outside your crib every other week chock full of recyclables. More info about WHAT you can recycle here.

Single Family Home (bldg with 4 or fewer units units) WITHOUT a blue cart (approximately 360,000 home in the Chi) - You can drop off your recycling at one of the 30 drops off in the city. Find the list here.

Multiunit homes - (bldg with 5 or more units) - According to law, your building's private garbage hauler should offer recycling. The blue bag system is null, so unless they've told you they recycle, they don't. Here's a toolkit from the city on how to get your building to recycle. You basically have to organize just to get recycling happening.

So um... basically we apartment and condo dwellers have to use the drop off sites too. SUCKS!

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