Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bliss Is...

Molly's Cupcakes. Here are 10 reasons why:

Obligatory 10-6
10.They have free water (this is pretty weak, but it gets better)
9. It's on the north side (close to Five Guys AND Akira if you want to make a day out of it)
8. It looks like a kindergarten classroom in there (but in a good way)
7. They have tree swings suspended from the walls
6. Everyone who works there is uber-nice

Ok, the actual good stuff
5. They have homemade ice cream
4. They let you pick your own icing *fatgirldance*
3. You get to add sprinkles!!! *faints*
2. They have flavors like Thin Mint and Peach Cobbler IN A CUPCAKE!
1. A percentage of all proceeds goes to charity. (That's really all I needed to say)


antithesis said...

make a mental note to take me to this place!

b.goody said...

Those look delicious.