Monday, June 21, 2010

Apartment Shopping

I guess I decided I'm moving. Maybe. Apartment shopping is awesome and it's horrible.

Here's what I want that I have now:
- A cheap studio (pretty much the same price I'm paying now)
- to live within a 5-block radius of where I live now
- In-bldg laundry
- Elevator if it's more than 2 floors

Here's what I want that I do not have now:
- A real oven (I have a toy oven now. Seriously, it could fit into Barbie's playhouse)
- A bldg where the elevator works... every day

Here's how they're hooking me:
- Free 1st month's rent
- No security deposit
- Stainless steel appliances (*does church juke*)
- Free heat, internet and/or cable
- Rehab, gut rehab (and word to signify it's somehow new)
- Walk-In Closets

Here's what I want in real life, but cannot afford:
- In-Unit Laundry
- A whole bedroom in an apartment in this neighborhood

Womp. Womp.


Kay* said...

it's nice to know what you do and don't want...are you prepared to spend more for what you do want?

i've only moved once...out of my mom's place to my current apartment - and i had a blast :) decorating and stuff - love it! i hope you post some decorating posts when you move! exciting :)

T said...

Hey Kay,

This will be my third time moving since I *Drake voice" "moved out my mama basement" LOL!

I'm almost definitely going to spend more.

As far as the decorating pics, you know I'm extra private. I'm all about the written word, but when it comes to the inside of my crib *Kanye voice* Please, no photos.

ThummyB said...

D.E.A.D @ 'Whole Bedroom'