Friday, May 7, 2010

Who You Talkin' To?

I went to New Life Covenant Church with Pastor John Hannah a couple of weeks ago. He preached his tush off. Wanna here it? Here it go"

Title: Who You Talking To/The Spirit of Offense
Text: Galations 5:15; James 4:1-3; 1 Samuel 25
Speaker: Pastor John Hannah (PH)

He started off by saying "I know you all love Jesus, but let someone say something to you. You about ready to fight in the church parking lot. Saved and angry... those don't even go together"

Example 1:
In Numbers 12 & 13 Miriam spoke negatively of Moses. God cursed her and sent her away, but she was gone 7 days and came back. PH said you might think you need to get rid of people, but if they are a part of the church, your family, your team, etc and they made a mistake, you need to work on helping them get back to their rightful place, not shun them.

Key Takeaways: Don't talk crazy about God's people like Miriam, be forgiving like Moses (who asked God to forgive her), don't be so quick to cut people out. People make mistake and God will give them their consequences, you need to be ready to accept them back into the fold.

Example 2:
In 1 Samuel 25 Abigail who was beautiful and smart was married to Nabel, who's name means foolish. The bible said he was mean. PH asked how a beautiful, smart woman ended up with a rich, mean man... then the music dropped and he was like "I need a roughneck, gotta get a roughneck" LOL!

Abigail ended up having to throw herself in front of David because her husband was talking crazy and about to get the whole family killed.

Key Takeaways: Don't be with someone that doesn't match you (i.e. mean) because they have something you think you want (i.e. money). Sometimes you have to be humble on the behalf of your spouse... in this case to save your life.

Example 3
In Luke 10:41 Mary was washing Jesus' feet with the expensive perfume and Martha was in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning and complaining. So Martha asks Jesus to scold Mary and he turns to her and says "Martha, Martha you are mad about many things." Now I've heard this story many times. I thought the point was when Jesus comes to your house you act right.

PH said to pay attention to how Jesus said Martha was mad about many things. She was basically walking around with an attitude. She would have been mad at ANYTHING that Mary was doing. She still loved Jesus, but she was so worried about doing what was right, she was letting her anger overtake everything.

Lastly, after giving such poignant, down-to-Earth examples PH gave us three steps to "keep us on our square" i.e. don't get unnecessarily angry and don't act a fool when you are angry.

1. Don't over react (So my bill was $5 higher than it should have been, does that mean I need to curse out the customer service rep? Probably not.)
2. Remember your assignment and your destiny. (God probably didn't put me on Earth to be angry, to curse people out, to snap at every opportunity and to show people their place. How does doing those things keep me further away from what God has for me and moreover how do they take my eyes off the prize.)
3. Get to a voice of reason (PH mentioned this is usually not your girl or guy who likes to set it off. He said when you're angry find someone with some sense to talk to)

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Anonymous said...

This was great. I needed that. Lord knows I love to kerk out sometimes...and it never makes ME feel better in the end so...