Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rooftops in Chicago

It's summertime Chi (i.e. temps 60 degrees and above), so I thought it fitting to put up the best rooftops in Chicago.

Ok, let's be honest, these are the ONLY non-sportsbar rooftops in the city. We have better basements than rooftops in the Chi. LOL!

Also, I've only been to the top 4. My goal this summer is to hit all the rest.

11. Plymouth Bar (honorable mention b/c the view pretty much sucks, but it's a rooftop)
10. Rock Bottom (22 W. Hubbard)
9. Vertigo at the Dana Hotel (but be forewarned this is not a real rooftop. It doesn't retract. So it's swanky, but...)
8. Shanghai Terrace (at the Peninsula... WAY too expensive for words)
7. Nomi - Super Swanky, but CRAZY expensive
6. Conrad (hotel at Nordstrom... also expensive)
5. NV Penthouse
4. Market
3. Zed 451
2. C-View at the Affinia Hotel
1. The Wit

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