Monday, May 24, 2010

Miami... Random

Hey beautiful people, below find a random recap of the Miami trip. It was perfect parts, sun, drinking, partying and relaxing with people I love. I've recapped some uh... highlights (LOL!) in a Tea's Top 10.

The Good
10. I'm blue black.

9. I didn't have any hangovers.

8. Larios on the beach has THEE BEST Cuban food in life and it was reasonably priced. I seriously could have went back to the hotel and ended the trip immediately after that meal. Twas beyond phenomenal. I heard they have one in Orlando too. I'm definitely trying to be on that when I'm in Orlando this weekend.

7. Seats 17A and 17B on a 767 are private. If you're taking a couples trip, defintely try to be on that.

6. Someone had on an airbrushed shirt that said. "Sick my duck!" Reminded me of "Much Fighigan!" (This should probably be in the bad or ugly section, but it was funny as hell to me, so I'm leaving it on good).

The Bad
5. You can smoke cigarettes inside in Florida and furthermore because it's a warm weather locale and most things have outside seating there's SO much more smoke than in Chicago. I used to be able to take it, but now it literally makes me sick to my stomach. ICK!

The Ugly
4. We saw a fight at Pizza Rustica. A full out brawl: two 40+ men knocking people out of the restaurant and beating each other over the back with chairs. It was scary and we ran fast as hell to the next block like some true Chicagoans. In Chicago if I fight breaks out folks are liable to die.

3. Quote: Girl, you remind me of Diana Ross. DIANA!!!! Side note: I'm surprised he didn't bust out with his rendition of this song.

2. Quote: Y'all look like the black Charlie's angels. Well, my name is Charlie

1. Quote: I would like to impregnate ALL O' Y'ALL! (to me and my three homies who went. Really sir? Really?)

How was your weekend?

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ThummyB said...


The homie: "So...can I get a smile?"

The Bouncer: **half-assed smile**

The homie: "Sir, I'm gonna need you to do better."