Monday, May 3, 2010

Ladies Who... Brunch

Hey folks,

Here are some of my favorite... well, maybe not my not favorite, but places I've been. C'mon family, I haven't been to ALL the brunch spots in the Chi.

10. Park 52 (Get fresh fruit with your order... it's actually fresh)
9. Lou Mitchell's (try the French Toast)
8. Kitschn (try the green eggs & ham *featured on Rachael Ray*)
7. Nookies (Just plain good breakfast)
6. Toast (everything here is phenomenal)
5. Yolk (go here often, their menu is extensive)
4. Ann Sather (get the cinnamon rolls. CHILE!!!)
3. Feast (def get the homefries)
2. Bistro 110 (the best Prix Fixe menu in the Chi)
1. Sweet Maple Cafe (def get a biscuit. Trust me this isn't a regular biscuit)


antithesis said...

clearly, we'll be hitting up one of these spot if i ever do make it up there!

PyT said...

Yum! I haven't tried half the spots on here.