Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fork and the Road

I volunteer through Chicago Cares with the Chicago Women's AIDS Project as often as I can. The project I do is cooking a hearty meal (it's lunchtime, but we usually make dinner foods) for the women's support group.

The leader of the project is usually someone who's a foodie. Now, I like to cook, but I'm not chef and I'm no foodie. I actually just like to eat, which is what makes me like to cook. So I thoroughly enjoy learning how to make new dishes and trying things that I would never even imagine thanks to the menus of the team leaders.

I found out that one of the project's team leaders owns Fork and the Road, a Chicago Biking Tour that explores restaurants. You basically bike to a plethora of neighborhoods and restaurants, try a taste portion of food AND get to meet with the head chef at each stop.

Much like Flirty Cupcakes, I think this is a PHENOMENAL idea. (Not to mention the owner has two day jobs and this a a labor of love AND job #3 for her. You know how I feel about someone with a great work ethic. I just HAVE to support).

Check out the Web site (linked above) and let me know if you would like to go. I think it'd be a great summer outing.

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happy_stomach said...

Thanks for writing about Fork and the Road! I hope we see you on a tour this summer. Also, thank you for making my job at Chicago Women's AIDS Project really no job at all--there's really no other place I'd rather be on the second Saturday of every month! -Sharon