Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Conversation

Hey y'all. I got my hair straightened yesterday and it's quite fly if I do say so myself.

Straight - Pre-cut Cut, curled (excuse the blurry bb photo, but you see it)

Howsoever, I tried to do it again this morning and here's the conversation I had.

T: Good Morning!
Tea's Hair: mm hm
T: You're looking really good today, but you just need a little frizz relief. Do you remember the flat iron? We're going to get reacquainted with him this morning.
TH: Fuck the flat iron
T: Dang, why you gotta cuss like that on the Lord's day
TH: That's just how the fuck I'm feeling
T: Ok, let's just try it

Silence... *15 minutes later*

T: You look a poufy mess. I'm putting you in a ponytail
TH: I'll be glad when you quit bullshittin' and reintroduce me to water and conditioner. I wanna curl up. I wanna be FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


antithesis said...

look at u showin ur face on the blog. no smiley face here!

T said...

That was unintentional because I was rushing to post this morning. Thanks for the reminder. LOL!