Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brunch Continued

Ok, while putting together yesterday's post, I realized there are a couple of brunch spots I haven't hit. Based on friends and coworkers reviews, I definitely need to go to the following. So much good food, so few Sundays. Ahhhh....

10. Dodo's they closed before I could try them.
9. Hash Browns I heard this place was pure trash. Ah well.
8. Over Easy
7. Eve (in the Gold Coast) Went there, they've also since closed.
6. Sweets & Savories It's a little bourgeois for my tastes, but the risotto is to die for. Make a reservation #TheyFancy
Orange(Went there since writing this post, it was AWESOME!)
4. Luxbar
3. Gibson's
2. Duffy's
1. The Bongo Room (the original in Wicker Park, not the South Loop one)

What'd I miss?

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