Thursday, May 6, 2010

Best Drunk Breakfast Spots

Ok, I realize that three of my five posts this week have been about breakfast. What can I say, eggs and buttery biscuits are on my mind. LOL!

Unfortunately, we don't have Waffle Houses in the Chi. What we do have are spots that are used to dealing with clientele that's all the way turnt up. Chances are if you roll with me on Friday night, you will end up at one of these spots in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

10. Clark's (anywhere on the north side)
9. White Castle... no more to say about that.
8. Bijon's (this isn't exactly a breakfast spot, but it's 24 hrs and it jukes at 3 am or so)
7. Ihop in Boystown
6. Golden Nugget (North side's best 24 hour waffle spot)
5. White Palace Grill (guaranteed to see at least one real Chicago pimp and two hoes)
4. Hollywood Grill (they shoot in this neighborhood, probably won't go back here ever)
3. Eggsperience (I haven't been, but I heard this is the coked out crowd. Stories for days!)
2. Tempo (Pretty sure I went here after my junior prom... still going strong in the wee hours of the night.)
1. Rock N Roll McDonald's (Oh yes, leave the children at home. At 2:30 in the a.m. you're likely to find R. Kelly preying on 17 year olds here. I wish I was making this up)


antithesis said...

i just wanna say, u are the skinniest fat person ever. it's like ur precious in the head and paula patton in the body. sickening!

K to the... said...

9,7,5 & 4....YESS!!!!!

Anonymous said...