Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome to Q2!!!

You all are well aware of my money grind this year. No credit cards, cash only and HEAVY savings to pay down credit card debt. I decided to keep a record of everything I WANTED to do, but didn't (to meet this stupid goal).

This post is mainly for me. (Since Tea & Such is a good record keeper). Hopefully this will help me to appreciate paying down my debt even more.

January - I skipped:

1. Dinner club with the ladies (it was later cancelled, but my reason for not going was to save money)
2. B's birthday celebration
3. CJ's going away party

January's fails were: CC usage at a happy hour.

February - I skipped: Well, I didn't skip a damn thing in February.

February's fails were: Going to Allstar weekend though I hadn't budgeted for it. (Note: flight and hotel were free, so we're just talking extra party, food and drink costs and new clothes - nothing too major).

March - I skipped LM's birthday dinner.

March fails were:
Everything I spent money on because I didn't save a damn thing in March.

Ok, I was going to wait and post this at the end of the year to show how diligent I've been, BUT I've only saved 20% of what I'd budgeted to save by this point. YIKES!

This post is to put a fire under my butt to save right for Q2-4. And I'm disabling comments because I don't want to hear it. Nothing you all ever say makes me change my patterns anyway. I have to do this for myself, by myself, in my head first and then in my pocket (and savings account).

After writing that, I should probably invite God into this equation. I can't do anything by my self. It has to be me and Jesus, going hard out here. So, stay tuned for a Q2 update.

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