Friday, April 23, 2010

Numbers 20:8

Ok, I'm doing read through the bible in a year with my church and in this post I noted that I didn't understand why Moses didn't make it into the promised land. Because in church the teachers said God told him to talk to the rock and he hit it.

Well in Numbers 20:8 it does say God told him to talk to the rock. Then he went on to hit it, so that could be it. When I read about him hitting in in Exodus, they were being delivered out of Egypt. When he hit it in numbers they were out of Egypt, but making their way to the promised land.

I will say this. When I think of Moses, I always just think, he was cool, but he didn't make it to the promised land. I'm going to try to erase that line of thinking out of my head. The bible says he was 120 when he died and that his eyes were not dim (or something like that, which means he didn't have dimension or cataracts or other old people diseases).

So this is basically someone who led his people in love, people who talked badly about him, people who hated on him because God chose him. He did the best he could do with what he was working with and it wasn't meant for him to see the promised land. He was the vessel that God used to get the people to the promised land and being a vessel is ok.

This is teaching me that it's not always about me or about my outcome, but more about how my life can improve other people's lives just by doing what God asked me to do.

I'm loving this bible reading as an adult.

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K to the... said...

I did the same thing a couple of years ago...but instead I did Old Testament one year; New Testament the next year. It was indeed an eye opener. I was just thinking the other how I missed doing that.