Monday, April 19, 2010

More adjustments

Just like I had to make mental adjustments to allow me some leeway in my workout regimen, I've been pretty hard on myself on the money piece this year (which is why I don't let you all comment about it. Unfortunately, I have unusually high standards for myself. It's neither normal, nor healthy, but no one criticizes me harder than I criticize myself. I don't need others adding to the insanity).

So instead of feeling like hey, I didn't stick to this stringent financial plan that I have to make all my dreams come true in 12 months I can feel like hey, shit is expensive in 2010 and some of it I have to buy. Some of it I WANT to buy and that's ok too. I'm saving SOME money and paying down SOME debt and some is enough for a person on a single income who gives regularly to charity and enjoys eating three meals a day.

Yes, I think SOME is just fine.

And I'm going to stop calling my financial shortcomings failures. I'll call them unexpected expenditures because that's exactly what they've been. I'm going to work to eliminate them as much as possible, but I'm going to practice being gentler with myself and my goals.