Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Memorable Compliments

Ok, so sometimes, no matter how awesome my life is or how conceited I am I get a little down. I feel like I should have my own not-for-profit like Luvvie & KB. I feel like I should own my own home like thummyb. I feel like I should be happily married like D&J or R&P. I feel like I should have an advanced degree like kismet (and pretty much ALL of my other friends). I feel like I should be thicker than a snicka instead of slimmer than a pole.

I usually have to take a BIG step back to get a birdseye view of the forest while I'm in the midst of all these trees. So, to remind myself that God make me awesomely & wonderfully and that my path is my own, not to be compared to others and that we all can celebrate each other's greatness, I've compiled some of the most memorable compliments I've gotten. (Oh yes, feel free to add to them. Today is puff T's head up day).

(Per antithesis' comment, this isn't every compliment I've ever gotten in life, these are just the ones that really stick out)

1. "Your hair is peace"
2. "You are amazingly wise and have a beautiful heart"
3. "Wow, I never noticed before, but you have a nice shape" (hey, hey, this is completely physical, but my little-bootied-behind was beaming when he said that)


antithesis said...

im sure uve gotten more compliments than that.

and ur right, it's important not to compare urself to others because no matter how well u think u know them, u have no idea what their journey is about. i know i envy u because although u work harder than i ever want to work, u play hard too. and on the outside looking in, u seem to have a fabulous life.

Luvvie said...

Add this:

You're awesome! :-)

ThummyB said...

So I'm super late but:

4. You're the type of hard worker that I wish I could be. I'm a procrastinator at heart, and I admire how you will put your head down and just GET IT DONE (and done well) and often without complaint.

5. You're excellent at your job!

6. You're truly the best kind of friend. You are not only fun to hang around, but you put your 'money where your mouth is' (so to speak) and actually show up/come through when I need you most!

7. I love how you speak your mind and really get exactly what you want. When all others are indifferent (or even when they aren't) we're probably gonna end up going with what Tea wants...not b/c you're overbearing...but just b/c you openly and honestly state what you want.

8. You're a great eater and drinker.

9. You get along w/yte ppl amazingly :-P