Friday, April 16, 2010

Life is about making adjustments

Kanye's workout plan has GOT to cease. I'm going too hard and am underweight and what I think is just the burn from a good workout is my body being weak from too much exercise and a restricted calorie diet. Like I'm one burger away from anorexia out here and that ish is neither cute nor funny.

My bff noted that instead of enjoying losing weight without trying, I've added yet another to-do to my massive list (lose weight, burn 500 calories each workout, workout 1 hour every day of the week, go, go, go). I've turned something I used to enjoy doing into a task and I'm killing myself to complete it.

So instead of feeling like I'm a failure for NOT getting down to 135 lbs (which is sort of how I felt at first), I can feel like I'm a human being who's learning what works for her. I can also feel like I'm getting old[er] and these pounds are not dropping off like they used to. This sharp turn that I've taken towards (*insert age I'm about to be that's none of your business*) is a pure and utter mess.

So yeah, I tried going hard at the gym. That didn't work for me. On to the next one.


antithesis said...

finally! the madness has stopped. ur clothes fit and u look cute in them. the end. ur not overweight or obese. u dont get winded going up stairs. doctors havent said "lose weight or xyz will happen". ur fine. now go buy some new clothes because u can fit them!

South Loop Social Light said...

Hitting the gym everyday for an hour is a bit unrealistic... especially for someone like you that works very hard. I think you shouldn't be discouraged, but just revise your plan. Find a way to make your workouts fun... be it adding some classes or find a workout buddy... there are many things you could do... but don't feel down about not hitting your goal.