Friday, April 2, 2010

Final Lent Update (2010)

I haven't figured out which church I'm going to for Easter, but I know I will be at my mom's crib for Lent and Oh, the bread and baked goods I'm about to partake in. I might not even eat any meat.

Let's hope all my hard work doesn't come back in the form of 5 lbs after this Easter feast.

I'm also thinking about making myself do 1 full hour of cardio every day that I eat bread or baked goods. OR doing some sort of fruit and veggie only diet... er... um... healthy eating plan up until Miami (and honestly throughout the summer).

The final number is I've lost 5 lbs and my stomach is looking decent. Not ripped like I remember (Miami 07), but better than before.

Jesus & I are actually still getting down how we've been getting down, so that's also a plus.

How did Lent go for you?

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