Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Die Generalizations Die!!!

I hate generalizations. I really do. They bother me. They make me itch. They infuriate me on some days and amuse me on others. I hate the way people jump on them like bandwagons. I hate the way some people treat them like gospel. I hate the way generalizations affect perception and I hate that perception is reality.

I wonder if instead of saying things like Black women have attitudes that people would say women who have been molested, raped, physically and/or dometically abused have attitudes. Because the number women who have endured those things is higher than we know. Perhaps we look at a group of women's attitude as the coping mechanism it is and let them correct it in their own time rather than judging their imperfections when we stand squarely on the ground with those same impections and different ones of our own.

But nope, we don't look at people like that. Our simple minds can't process that kind of complexity. Literally, the mind stereotypes and simplifies because it can't deal with large discrepancies from a group that seems like it's the same.

I just want folx to peel back the layers sometimes. It's hard to do that with just 140 characters though. Yes, this rant was brought to you by Twitter. That is all.


South Loop Social Light said...

Black women do have attitudes! lol...

Now, is this attitude caused by a deeper meaning? Maybe yes, maybe no. Some people call it a defense mechanism. Some people are just bitchy. I think it's a little from column a, a little from column b... with a dash of insecurity.

I believe that generalizations and stereotypes have some truth to them, but the key is not allowing them to affect your ability to get to know someone.

RB said...

This post is interesting because today, here in VA, the Governor declared this month Confederate History Month, and I wasn't really sure how to feel about it. By shunning it would I be generalizing the people who support it... I don't know.