Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Am I Pregnant?

Lawd, I hate asking that dumb question, but I promise no matter how much sex I have NOT had, I ask that question.

One month my cycle was 8 days late and I KNEW I wasn't preggers, but the following went through my mind:

- I'm working out and not losing weight, I must be pregnant. (Meanwhile, I get bloated when I'm on my period or about to be on my period, so I was not pregnant)

- My voice is so deep. I must be pregnant. (It was fucking allergies, not conception)

- I'm hungry as hell. I must be pregnant. (Or maybe I was just hungry... how about that)

- My nipples are tender. I must be pregnant. (My nipples are always tender right before I get my period)

- I've said the word pregant 7 times and went to 3 baby showers in the last 2 years. Oh Lord, I must be pregant.

I know I'm not the only person who does this silly mess. I gotta stop psyching myself out like this! NOTE: I AM NOT PREGNANT. Don't go starting rumors ok?

And for anyone else who's ever experienced a late cycle check out these facts on possible causes.


antithesis said...

i do that mess alot. i finished my BC pack and my period didnt start within the first two days like normal and i said "what percent proof is this shit anyway b/c i NEVER miss?" and then i went through the, "if im pregnant, im suing trojan and the makers of my BC. me and baby gon' be RICH". im never pregnant. pretty sure i cant get pregnant but whatever...

KindredSmile said...

ROFL @ "it was fucking allergies, not conception". That line made my day. And yes, I had a few "scares" that were based on nothing at all. However, given the fact that I already have *one* child, and don't want any more (me and Pigs for life! *fist pump*) I try not to freak myself out.

K to the... said...

LMAO! Oh T! You're not pregnant!

Brittany said...

LOL... I'm guilty of search engine hypochondria. I once followed my irregular period all the way from implantation bleeding to a ectopic pregnancy. I was never pregnant. o__O