Friday, March 5, 2010

So... um... yeah...

Long disclaimer on the unacceptable cakery to follow: One of my favorite mantras is "To get something you never had, you have to do something you've never done."

So... I'm trying to be more upfront about how happy he's making me. Not because it's anyone's business, but because I haven't done anything like that before AND because my happiness doesn't have to be a secret (especially to people who are taking time out to read my blog). But it usually IS a secret because I can be pessimistic and very guarded, not wanting anyone to pay attention if & when the bottom falls out. (I mean, to date, the bottom has always fallen out).

Well, I interrupt my realism/pessimism to tell you that my thug is on the floor. And in my new spirit of caking this song's on my mind because the person responsible for placing my thug on the floor is JUST like me. (Let's hope he keeps it there).


antithesis said...

great news! as long as he treats u well and maintains a smile on ur face, keep the news coming. now if he pisses u the hell off i wanna know that too, but be forwarned, i will cyber go off on him.

South Loop Social Light said...

Very cute. I think it's awesome that you're willing to do things differently in order to yield a different result.

There's nothing wrong with expressing your feelings and guess what - - that's what you HAVE to do in order to have a real relationship. You're creating the foundation that makes this built to last.

I always had a certain dating style and it's easy to find guys that just work for that, but after continually getting the same result I looked within and made personal changes to better myself... really be the person that I wanted to ultimately be with... and I have to say that my last relationship was the BEST dating experience ever... the healthiest, happiest situation... which turned into marriage :)

Stick with your motto because it's really something to live by.