Friday, March 26, 2010

Sermon Notes: Bishop George Bloomer

Bishop George Bloomer visited my church last Sunday and oh, what a good time in the Lord it was.

Theme: "What Do You Want to Do with the Second Half of Your Life."
Scripture: Proverbs 27:1

He gave a very personal account about how he's been preaching on this topic for about 6 months at his church. He asked his wife what she thought about the sermon and she loved it. Then he posed the question to her: What Do You Want to Do with thge Second Half of Your Life? She said she didn't know, but she saw speaking engagements and books sales and a prosperous future in the second half of HIS life and went on to say she didn't know if she saw him in the second half of HER life.

Woah there!

He walked us through how he and his wife got through this trial and to me, the minor details are unimportant. What's important is that he mentioned we need not shout in church if we can't take the message back to our own homes (Talking about himself, he hadn't even discussed the message with his own wife).

For once, the topic of relationships came up and I wasn't in church with a married preacher telling me how I need to stop having sex. I swear, people get married and act like they forgot how they used to get down. Some of these Pastors saved it for marriage, but I'm going to say 83% of them did not. And I hate being the scapegoat and go-to topic feeling like I need to put my vagina on the altar every week. Oh boy, did I just digress?

Ok, so yeah, back to today's sermon. Marriages were healed at this service and I loved hearing about how marriage is not a cake walk. It's hard work. I SO appreciate his perspective on it.

Another funny tidbit is that he told us at the beginning of the sermon to stand up and turn around (literally do a 360) when we hear our confirmation. It was hilarious to see people get up and turn around at different points of the sermon like "I talk to much" or "I'm here because of God's grace and mercy." At one point during the sermon, he said "My wife came upstairs and said 'Do you want to eat' and I said 'Yeah'"

I don't even have to tell y'all that that's when I got up and did my 360. It was brunch time like a mug in that piece. LOL!

The service wrapped with a corporate prayer. More than half the congregation, myself included, went down. Then he asked us to sew a seed of $20 into our blessing. Now usually, I don 't do all that, but I felt God was talking through him and I thought about the amount of money I spend on clothes, liquor and cabs and I figured I can drop $20 into a blessing I just asked God for.

Yep, another great day in the house of the Lord.


Kay* said...

sounds like a wonderful service. i'm sad that there isn't a church like the ones you have in the US here in my know, with the large congregation, amazing choirs w/bands, visiting least i've never been to one. when i visit my bestie in NJ i always go to church with her and have such a good time! if i could find one here i'd definitely go.

rhonalala said...

Sounds like a wonderful service to me also. I LOVE when service speaks to me on a personal level. Although, sadly I haven't been to church in a while but I plan on amending that real quick.