Monday, March 1, 2010

Ooh, you wrong!

That's what I think people are going to say after reading this post.

Disclaimer: Everything I'm about to say is inappropriate. I'm not going to apologize for it.

1. Is it just me or are married women much more comfortable with their belly fat than the rest of us? I mean I know some married women with guts that wouldn't know what an empire waist was if it punched them in the face. SMDH

2. People who are mixed with black and white (or black & anything else) and identify with their white side (or the other side, whatever it is) should not be allowed to say the n-word in front on black people. It confuses me and makes me uncomfortable. I think they should be restrained to saying half the word i.e. "my nig," so that is no confusion about the context in which they're using it.

3. Everytime I'm at the dentist's office and she's telling me about the inner workings of my mouth I want to say to her in my best Michael Scott voice "That's What He Said." LMAO!

4. It just occured to me that sex has been used as a tool of oppression for women in every culture including American culture since the beginning of time and it's still happening in 2010. I'm making it my business to fight oppression!!!


antithesis said...

lol. thats funny. no apology necessary.

RB said...

"That's what he said." :dead:

South Loop Social Light said...

As a married woman, I must say that my husband looks as me like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world... regardless of any figure flaw. There's something to be said about being in a relationship with someone that looks at you like you're sheer perfection. I'm not saying you should let yourself go or become unhealthy, but when the closest person to you makes you feel gorgeous at all times an extra 5 lbs may come and go, here and there.

K. Rock said...

Don't put that on us married women!! I fight "Dunlap Disease" by working out several times a week. Don't want hubby to have to look at that!!!Lol!