Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lent Update #2

I'm at about 5 lbs since the start of Lent. I gained a pound back when I went to NYC and didn't workout at all. Either way, Goodbye winter weight!!! AND I now have all kinds of new motivation to get (and keep) my body right.

1. Lent
2. LA in days
3. Miami in May
4. Orlando in May (maybe)
5. Class reunion in August

So what's your motivation to exercise (besides being healthy, of course)

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antithesis said...

totally unmotivated. didnt participate in lent this year. p90x is the devil. i hate running on the treadmill. my hair looks a mess on its own and doesnt need any extra help. only thing i can think of is my brother's wedding and since i aint getting married, i dont care THAT much. i know my bridesmaid dress will fit and fall nicely so i just do not care right now. when it gets warmer, im gonna wanna wear cuter stuff and that's when ill get my ass in gear and hit the gym on campus b4 my summer courses.