Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lent and Such

Have I told you all I was doing Lent? I'm a Baptist Christian and currently go to an Apostolic Church and no church I've ever gone to has recognized or encouraged it, so it's been a nonissue. Now thanks to Twitter I know what everyone else is doing for Lent and I figured how could it possibly be bad to get closer to God through a fasting period? It can't.

I gave up bread and baked goods. Since I'm the next best thing to Superwoman, I'm multitasking for Lent and taking this opportunity to do something that's good for my body that I would not usually be disciplined enough to stick to. We have a Miami trip coming up in May and the last time I did a no-carb diet for MIA my stomach RIGHT!!! Like high-school cheerleader right, but the diet was completely and utterly ridiculous, so I promised myself I wouldn't do anything that strenuous again.

With the bread and baked goods, I can still eat carbs (which are necessary for energy) and I still get to each sugar in desserts like pudding, ice cream, yogurt or even coffee. Sugarless coffee: triple ICK!

But I am giving up some of my favorite things: toast, flaky biscuits, PB&J sandwiches, cake, cupcakes, brownies, donuts, cookies and last but certainly not least BLUEBERRY MUFFINS.

Jesus, take the wheel. (I'll keep you all posted on progress).

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antithesis said...

i didnt know some churches dont talk about some sort of sacrifice for lent. my old church was talking about some sort of fast but regardless, all the services are related to "lenten season" at any church ive attended. there's always some variation in what people do.