Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just Pick 3

Someone on Twitter asked. If you could have just 3 things in a mate what would they be?

My response: Honesty, Ambition and Good looks.

I shouldn't even have to put this disclaimer out there because this is MY blog, but here it is: Looks are important to me. I'd rather be single than with an ugly honest dude and that's the God honest truth. I'm at peace with my value system, so please don't start with me about this in the comments.

So... disclaimer out of the way what 3 things would you pick in a mate, if you only got to pick three? If you've already mated (lol) what are the three best things about your mate?


The Real Housewife of Cook County said...

The three best things about him are his looks, determination and willingness to support his family.

Well-Heeled said...

I'd say Character, Trust, and Attraction.

I think character is extremely important.. and it encompasses all sorts of questions: what kind of a person is he? What will he do when he's back's against the wall? How does he treat strangers? How does he speak about women? How does he cope with temptation - in relationships, in money. Does he fight for what he wants?

And no need to apologize for your good looks - everyone want their mate to be attractive to them.