Friday, March 12, 2010

It's my blog-iversary

Well, actually it was 10 days ago on March 2nd, but I was busy. So we're gonna celebrate now. WOO HOO! I'm 3 today. I'm eating solid foods and whatnot. HEY!

Anywho, here are Tea's Top 10 most-commented on posts for the new readers. Read and enjoy.

10. Welcome to the Party
9. Do You See What I See - Wedding Edition
8. Improvise
7. DC/Chicago Gun Ban
6. All My Fritos Lays
5. Slept with a big girl
4. 5 Quick Things Big Mike Thinks You should Know
3. Chilvalry, What's That
2. Male First Date Mistakes
1. Unanswered questions to myself

6 of these posts are these are the same top 10 as last year. With everyone so busy, I don't know that I'll ever write another post that'll get 21 comments, but if I did, what do you think it'd be on? My vote is for relationships. People LOVE to converse about those.

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