Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Boy do I love to shop. [The day I wrote this post] Your girl just got in the house from a Saturday shopping excursion. I hit Borrow a Dress Couture, Nevermind, Fashion Tomato, Pink Frog, Pink Frog Shoes, Belmont Army, Marshall's, Buffalo Exchange, Akira on Diversey AND on Clark/Fullerton.

What's crazy is that yesterday thummyb & I already hit H&M, Zara, Forever 21 AND Nordstrom. What can I say... I'm not a fan of settling for something that's just good enough. It has to be perfect for me. #message

Damage done=4 dresses + 1 shirt + 1 vest for the grand total of $167.50. By any standard whatsoever I CAME UP!!!

This shopping excursion brought to you by: last weekend when I was ripping through my closet and almost didn't go out because I didn't have anything to wear. I wore a *insert client name here* shirt and a miniskirt. Folks thought I was trying to be fresh with the shirt. I was not. I literally didn't have anything else to wear.

Seriously, I hustle at work EVERYday, I should have fly clothes to wear. LOL!

Antithesis suggested I do a video blog cuz I was hitting her up on bbm excited about all these sales. I WAS going to, then I remembered I don't like having my face on this here blog. However, I promise to post pics of my new digs as I wear them (and get tagged in Facebook).

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antithesis said...

im so unbelieveably proud of you!!!! u did far better than ive ever done shopping! cant wait to see what u got!