Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gratitude and Such

Today [read: the day I wrote this] I woke up and had a cup of earl grey tea and prayed. I rarely pray in the morning because I'm just not a morning person. I don't want to go to God all groggy like that. But today, I wasn't groggy. Something told me to pray and I was open to it.

While I prayed I was listening to God and do you know what I heard: Be grateful.

Not coincidentally, work is irking the ish outta me right now (nevermind yesterday's post, LOL!), so I'm going to write a gratitude list for everything I HATE about work. Showing gratitude for things I don't like is a technique I picked up and to strengthen me emotionally and I wanted to share with you all. Here goes:

9. I'm grateful for micromanagers because I'm human and sometimes I forget stuff. A micromanager ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

8. I'm grateful for people who I've encountered with illusions of grandeur. It keeps me humble.

7. I'm grateful for interns who sidestep their direct managers to ask me dumb questions. (I do not work with interns). It reminds me from whence I came and gives me an opportunity to teach and be thorough.

6. Today I am grateful for all of my team members who are quitting. They are leaving me with a heavier workload and yet another set of people to train, but that which does not kill me makes me stronger. Their departures also reminds me how good I am in my position. I'm stronger than the ret of the bunch and I will survive.

5. I am grateful for expense reports and my accounting team who starts to sweat me about getting them done no less than 48 hours after I return to the office from a trip. I'm grateful that I get reimbursed in a timely for trips and that I get to use my AmEx and not my personal funds. Some companies aren't so generous.

4. I am grateful for impossible deadlines. They are better than open deadlines.

3. I am grateful for people that I manage who don't follow directions. They are helping me to sharpen my communication and problem solving skills.

2. I am grateful for the back-breaking on-the-go, do-it-now pace of my job because as long as it's busy I have job security.

1. I am grateful that I have to work long hours to get everything that's assigned to me done because private eye works long hours too and if we can't talk to each other at least we both understand why.

What do you HATE about your job that you are grateful for today and why?


The Real Housewife of Cook County said...

I love how u flipped the script on this post but isn't it crazy how quickly things can change in just one day? You go from having a great day at work to the devil trying to steal your sunshine. It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job though. Everybody wants a job "in these hard economic times" but the truth is, so many people aren't hard workers. That's not to say anything negative about the people quitting, etc. at ur job but the complaints u have are like across the board in every industry. My sis is a dentist and goes through the same crappole with people. Keep doin' what u do, boo!

K to the... said...

I'm all late and ish! But anyone following me on Twitter knows my mgr worketh a nerveth on an everyday basis. I'm grateful because it helps me maintain my virtue of patience...and him being a slacker motivates me to stay on top of my ish, so I won't look bogus like he does!

What? I'm so serious! :-)