Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yes, Twitter is taking over the world because I'm using hashtags in my blog posts. The fact that I'm even calling the pound or number sign a hashtag FURTHER lets me know Twitter is taking over. Womp.

10. When someone you respect as a manager gives you kudos.
9. Knowing that your parents are proud of you (and that they brag on you at every opportunity, though it's embarrassing at times).
8. Knowing that your friends have your back.
7. When he says he can't wait for you to get off work and call him back.
6. Leaving work on-time (Not that it has anything to do with #7...)
5. Coming home after a long trip. No matter where it was or how wonderful, home always feels good to me.
4. Knocking everything off my to-do list. It happens from time to time.
3. Knowing that if I get sick I have healthcare to take care of me (that's mad political, but so what)
2. When you're on a plane and no one can call you, getting that good sleep!
1. When you're out of the country and you didn't buy the international service... so your phone doesn't work... so you can't worry about home. Outta sight. Outta mind.

So what are some of your #bestfeelings?

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South Loop Social Light said...

1. Paying all of my bills early.

2. Finding a great outfit/pair of shoes @ Nordstrom Rack.

3. Pushing myself to go just a little bit further during a workout.

4.Waking up each morning and my room isn't in utter chaos!! I love having it clean and organized.