Thursday, March 11, 2010

Avatar: The Bad & The Ugly

Speaking of Avatars, what do you think of my new one in the banner of this blog. OMG, I love her. She's fierce and if you replace the gun with a blackberry, she's how I feel everyday. Embarking on missions, powerful, ready to take over the world (with my luggage in tow).

Ok, on to the topic at hand. Make sure to read yesterday's post about the good stuff.

Here's are Tea's Top 10 things (read: 8) that are wrong with Avatar

8. Why couldn't the bad guys have any depth. I mean how do you spend 10 years on a movie and not develop characters.

7. It's was phony as hell to have the Avatar people have the princess show this new dude (Jake Sully) their "ways." In real life the father would have told the daughter that the sign she saw from Eywa was her misinterpreting the spirit and they would have killed dude.

6. The Avatar princess tried to front like she didn't like Jake Sully, but she was hot in the tail for him since day one. Otherwise she would not have saved him from those panther looking things. #CmonSon

5. How in the hell did the Avatar people trust Jake Sully after he a) told them he knew the demolitian trucks were coming and b) he was basically responsible for killing their big tree AND their leader and c) his ass goes in and out of consciousness at the drop of a dime. That would never happen. They would have had his ass for dinner. Especially given that they were such a spiritual people, they would have put their trust in their spirit not some American spy. This is a MAJOR FAIL of the movie.

4. Their leader died, but then they put Sigourney Weaver's character (Dr. Jane Augustine) on the "altar" of their deity tree. Why wouldn't they put their leader on that tree to try to restore his life? Wouldn't he have had the direct connect to their god? Wouldn't he have had more answers that some foreign dude?

3. How in the hell did all those naked blue bodies get past the FCC?

2. This is not a qualm with the movie, but when Jake Sully and the princess got busy I was like "oh no are we gonna see Avatar sex" then my girl was like "are they going to put their tails together?" AHAHAHHAAHAHAH

1. Ok, this is my biggest qualm with this movie which is an overglorified Pocahontas (please don't try to tell me it wasn't). Why do people in power and/or in the majority always think that everyone else wants to be like them. I blame James Cameron and white people everywhere for promoting this disgusting and twisted line of thinking. (no offense to my write readers)

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