Monday, February 8, 2010

Shape Mag

Ok, so remember I wrote about the word "bitch" being all over the bookstore and how I wasn't on that with Borders or authors. Well, I didn't just write it on my blog. I actually wrote a little letter to Shape Magazine:

Hi Shape,

I'm all about getting my finances in order and I'm all about a budget, but I must say, I'm pretty disappointed with your pick of "Bitches on a Budget" for the January 2010 issue. I was recently in a bookstore and noticed a lot of helpful books, geared towards women with the word bitch in them. A LOT!

It's a horrible marketing ploy. I know that I'm not a bitch and I'm not really interested in reading a book that calls me a bitch because I happen to be a female. Perhaps I'm being too sensitive, but I think as women, empowering other women is important.

We shouldn't just go along with the trend of calling each other or ourselves bitches because it's popular or because it'll sell books (or movies or sitcoms). I won't be buying the book and I hope you'll think twice before putting something like this in your publication again.

I also hope that one day when I have a daughter she'll be more inclined to buy books or watch shows or movies that help her carve her place in the world as a remarkable woman, not a bitch.

[The January issue was fab otherwise :)]


And you know what, Shape responded:

Dear T,

Thank you for writing in to Shape; you are absolutely right. We should not have covered the book, Bitches on a Budget. We would never use those words in anything we write in Shape (or ever refer to a woman as a Bitch) so we shouldn't cover books that use this language.Thanks for keeping us on the right path. And thank you for reading Shape!

I love that they responded. They also gave their blessing for me to include the response on my blog, noting that every one of their readers is important to them. For this reason, I will continue reading Shape. Other mags should definitely take note. Listen to your readers and for God's sake, respond when they have a gripe. Shape is awesome!

P.S. Welcome to magazine week on Tea & Such.
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antithesis said...

im SO proud of you! when i get upset i threaten to write a letter but i never follow through. i love that they responded and didnt just give you a generic-looking letter. granted, they probably recieved a lot of similar responses and drafted that letter but still. good job!

RB said...

That's really cool that they personally responded to you and didn't just send out the generic, "Thanks for reading, we'll take it into consideration" letter.

::also does celebratory snow dance::

Kay* said...

one small step for women, one large step for women-kind! congrats :) hope they print it in the mag and you get one of those gift packs ;)

Well-Heeled said...

Wow that is AWESOME! It's great that you took a stand - and what a thoughtful, well-written letter - and they responded.