Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red For All, All For Red.

I've seen a couple of people ask about how to wear red lipstick on Twitter and the like. Lucky for you, Essence addressed this question in the December issue. I ripped the article out, so I can take it to the MAC store with me, but wanted to share the tips with you all.

Red For All, All For Red (by Essence beauty editors)

We cherry-picked the juiciest crimson hues to bring out the best in your skin tone.

Color: If your skin has yellow undertones: browned reds. Red undertones: cool blue reds; blue undertones: cool/plummy reds; red/orange undertones: warm red/orange-based reds.

Texture: If matte, opaques or satins are too instense, take the sheer approach by mixing your favorite red with a lip balm.

YSL Rouge Pur Lipstick in #150 ($34,
Edward Bess Ultra Slick in Midnight Bloom ($29,
VS Makeup Perfect in Showstopper ($12, Victoria's Secret)
YSL Golden Gloss #9AAA ($29,
Mac Lip Pencil in Redd ($13,

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