Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer Request

Hey everyone,

I'm sending out a prayer request for a Twitter friend @krimsundiamond. She's undergoing surgery for cancer of the kidney (I think) Friday. I only know her through Twitter, but I assume someone I know knows her outside of Twitter because I probably started following her after a RT.

You can read about her experiences here.

PLEASE join me in a prayer (or several) for a successful surgery, a speedy recovery and a remarkable life to come for @krimsundiamond.

Her parents will be updating her blog after the surgery Friday and throughout the week. Tune in to get the victory report. To God be the glory. And please stop what you're doing to pray. Her life depends on it.


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I'm late, but I just read some of her posts! Oh my goodness...I can't even imagine going through what she's going through now...