Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One Month To Go

It's a little under one month until the first day of spring.

Have you participated in Tea's Spread the Warmth Challenge? So far (I think) I've bought about 6 or 7 cups of tea, coffee, soup or hot chocolate for people out in the cold. You know something is a habit when you lose count of how many times you've done it. I'm definitely want compassion for the homeless to be a habit.

You still have some time to do some good in the hood to win $100 from me. I'm changing the parameter a bit to encourage more participation:

All you have to do is one good deed for the homeless this winter. Leave a comment or send me an email telling me what you did and I'll pick somone at random from all the good deeds to give $100 to. How easy is that?

Please participate. I'm dying to see how my readers are making a difference with the homeless in their communities and lowkey I can't wait to reward someone with my hard earned money. That's not sarcasm either, I'm trying to make it rain.

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KindredSmile said...

I bought this homeless dude outside of MacArthurs a fried chicken meal after watching him beg other people for their leftovers. If you've been to MacArthur's, then you know that their food can restore even the most downtrodden of men. He almost cried as he stood in line with me picking out his sides. I was happy to do it, and would again.