Thursday, February 18, 2010

All I Ask

Sorry, for being morbid, but my mortality is apparent to me everyday, so I just want to let you all know a couple of things.

- If I die young, please don't let people talk about how I "went before my time." Whenever God says it's my time, that's my time and that's fine with me.

- Also, when I die, do not let people talk about what I aspired to be. I wake up every morning and live my life to the fullest. I work like there's no tomorrow. I party like there's no tomorrow. I praise God like there's no tomorrow. I put my all into EVERYTHING that I do from volunteering, to being a loyal friend, to work to vacation planning. I go hard. So if I die before you please tell everyone to talk about how awesome my life is (and was) and not about what it could have been.

- Last point, if I go right now, I feel like my life was worth it. I'm sure I've helped at least one person and helping just one person makes my life worthwhile. So yeah, if one of these planes crashes or I get shot at the club or get ran over by a CTA bus 1st) tell my mom to sue and get some money and 2nd) please miss me (should I even have to tell you all this), but 3rd) don't sit around talking about what I could've done or who I could've been. I'm fabulous right now, as is.


antithesis said...

im taking a class on death and dying right now and she keeps asking these things like "what would be a good death for you?" or "what would you like on your tombstone?" i dont care, i wont be here. those are earthly things. i dont care what happens at my funeral or what people say when im gone. that gone too soon piece grinds my gears too. who makes you the authority on how long is the length of a worthy life lived? life is overrated, in my opinion. sometimes i say life beats the alternative but i dont know that for sure.

Anonymous said...