Monday, January 25, 2010

What Are You Looking Forward To?

Sometimes the only thing that gets me through my day is the promise of a fun evening activity or the only thing that gets me through my week is the promise of payday (When payday is a Friday). LOL!

So, I'll answer this in the comments at some point of the day today, but what are you looking forward to?


antithesis said...

wow. nothing. not graduating this may. not excited about my brother's wedding that im in (probably b/c it's still 5 months away). not valentine's day b/c i dont believe in it and i havent asked but i dont think non-bf will acknowledge it.

im looking forward to getting a job but it doesnt look too promising right now.

South Loop Social Light said...

Horseback Riding, Hiking up this mountain by my house, and waking up to my husband everyday this week.

T said...

@ antithesis oh, how I love you so. There's a reason your name starts with anti

@ South Loop Social Light congrats on your move & your marriage!

I am looking forward to:

Today: The end of the day.
This week: The end of the week.
Next week: an impromptu spa day and Miami
Next month: Dallas (GIRLS TRIP) and long overdue dinner with the besties.
March: Being done with all Q1 program launches and execution. Woo Sah!
April: My bday. YESSIR!
May: Miami (GIRLS TRIP)
June - August: SUMMA TIME CHI!!!!
Sept - Dec 30: Watching my paper stack
Dec 31 Making it rain on these credits cards.

b.goody said...

I'm looking forward to taking a nap on my couch, as I do every day after work. Fun times, I know...

KindredSmile said...

I'm looking forward to my birthday trip to Jamaica (early June). Seriously, I feel like it's the only thing I've got going somedays.