Monday, January 11, 2010

Things That Cook My Grits Lately

I wasn't angsty all last week. How rude of me. Here you go! (I do this for you all!!!)

Things that cook my grits (lately):

1. Places of business not opening and/or closing when they say they are. (If you open at 9 a.m., have your tail there at 8:45. It's YOUR business, so if you know you're always late put 9:15 on the door, but don't SAY you open at 9 and don't open at 9.)

2. Sickness: Sickness irritates me to NO end. If people come to work sick, I hate it. If people call in sick to work, I HATE it. Where does sickness come from. I. HATE. IT. It kills (Cancer), it divides (AIDS), it makes you give people sideyes (Whooping Cough). It just sucks and I just hate it. I don't hate people who ARE sick, but sickness, oh how I hate you.

3. Retro pay. I really just want my money now.

4. The non-playoff-making it to, our-players-excel-only-after-we-trade-them*, we-win-when-it-doesn't-matter, Chicago Bears.

*(Bernard Berrian, Cedric Benson, Thomas Jones, KYLE ORTON, UGH!)


South Loop Social Light said...

I'm actually sick today but no need to call in since I work from home now :) Looks like I'm one sick person that wouldn't bug you out. lol

Anonymous said...

Cook your grits? Now, having lived in the South for the last 6 years, I must say I have NEVER heard that expression and am shocked to hear you use it. Where did you learn that ol' super southern sounding expression? You know your skinny tail don't eat grits. LOL Just teasin'.

Speaking of grits, I was watching Brittany Spears comeback show and her dad was making her some cheese grits. I nearly hit the ceiling when he started unwrapping American cheese slices to put in her grits. ALL THAT MONEY she makes and you are putting processed cheese food in her grits? Wow. You can take trash out of the trailer park...

T said...

@ South Loop Social Light: Feel better!

@ Soapbox Cormack Girl, you KNOW all black people in the Chi originated in the south. My family's from Mississippi. I'll tear some grits up, you don't even understand. LOL! And I love American Cheese slices. I'm not even mad at Brittany 'nem. Where did I get this expression though? Good question. Grinds my gears is also a favorite. I'll use that next time.