Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Sexy

After I wrote this list and I kept coming up with random sexy stuff I like, so here's more stuff that I find sexy in men.

5. Good Sportmanship - After Jay Cutler lost the Bears game by throwing an interception with 40-something seconds to go, Donavan had a long talk with him in front of the cameras. That I'm going to impart knowlegde on you whether you're my opponent or not spirit is capital S, SEXY!!! Not to be confused with the capital S in saltiness displayed by Lebron James.

4. Men who dress like Andre 3000. I mean clean cut and fresh ta def (not zoot suits).

3. Sports fans - It's just so very manly to be damn near ignoring me when Sportscenter is on. It just seems right. LOL! I seriously stopped talking to a dude because he called me during a Bulls playoff game. Sir, shouldn't you be watching the game too. (Side note: I know you may think I'm fickle, but there were other things wrong with him. This was sort of the last draw AND there are plenty of good men out there who aren't sports fanatics... they just aren't really the guy for me).

2. Music Fans - I'm not the biggest music fan. Yes, I love good music, but I'm not a Connoisseur. I like men who are passionate about a genre of music (or all genres of music). I think it adds layers. I don't know why, but I dig it.

1. Men Who Read for fun - Oh yes, exercise your mind, boo. LOL!

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antithesis said...

from the bottom up: i have not come across number 1 yet. i cant even find a dude who regularly likes to read a magazine. i love a music fan but i love a musician even more. play that piano! im no sports expert but if u cant watch football, we're gonna have problems. if ur not a dallas fan, dont expect to be talking to me while the game is on. i dont have a preference for dress as long as u dont look like a grandpa and ur clothes are clean. something about a shit-talking competitive dude is a turn-on. dont just let me win b/c im cute or whatever. that's the only instance where i dont mind if you beat me mercilessly.