Monday, January 3, 2011

Deal Breakers

I hope you all had a happy and healthy New Year Celebration. Welcome to 2011. It's going to be a great year.

Here's a follow up to last year's task of hooking me up on a blind date:

South Loop Social Light asked what were my five dealbreakers when it comes to dating, mating and the like. She didn't confirm if she was going to hook me up with someone or if she was just going to let me seek out her bff for guidance.

But here they go:

1. Religion - He has to be a Christian.
2. Job Status - He has to be working. No students.
3. He has to be ready.
4. Lack of chemistry is a dealbreaker. (No one can predict this though, so we just have to see) If we don't have any chemistry, I'm not going. I don't care if the resume is right. I need fire and desire. Word to Rick James and Teena Marie. (Side note: I wrote this before she passed. Crazy huh?)

I think that's it.

Also, question for Kidd. Did you tell the guy you're hooking me up with to add me as a friend on FB? I'm pretty sure I denied someone who was also a friend of yours, so if that was my blind date, my bad.


South Loop Social Light said...

Those are all very realistic and practical things... but visually what do you like? I'm all about personality but physically what floats your boat. You like short, tall, slim, thick, soft? lol... Things come in all sorts of packages but it'd be nice to make sure it was a package you might like lol

QUE.PK.iDD said...

LOL Who was it? I didn't tell anyone to add you.