Wednesday, January 27, 2010

8 minute abs

When I was in college I threw a pool party for my birthday one year, so I had to be uber fly. I was already in decent shape because I made good use of the free gym membership that comes with tuition fees (I guess it wasn't really free then, huh?)

Well I decided I needed to tighten up my stomach and 8-minute abs was like a lifesaver. It hurts like hell, but I did it twice a day and my best friend and roommate told me I looked like a model @ the pool party. (She wasn't just gasing me up either, my abs were on point).

So anyway in this new day in age I'd found 8-minute abs on youtube. Oh boy! I happen to have 8 free minutes every day to get this done and I'll be in Miami in days (for work, of course). I will be checking e-mail poolside though and thanks to my old newfound love, I'll be tight in the midsection while doing so.

Look at those old workout clothes. Hilarious!!!


ThummyB said...

OMG! I miss and remember the days of 8 min Abs...and Crunch class! Good times.

CBW said...

me thinks im gonna have to include this in my workout