Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Weight Gain

For my new and new-ish readers, read my former quests to lose weight at one time and gain weight at another here.
So one of my super smart friends told me that our bodies hold more weight in the winter time. We pick up the weight in preparation for the cold. Now, this makes perfect sense, but you all know I struggle with my weight every November. (Not seriously struggle, but hit the gym a bit harder because my pants are fitting snugly - or like the case in 2004, didn't fit AT ALL).

This has been going on since I left college (and could therefore no longer wear sweatpants and booty shorts everyday). But it makes me feel SO good to know that this is God's way of keeping me warm and not an eating or exercise fail on my part. (Thanks God!)

In case anyone cares (I'm sure no one does), I've done a pretty good job of going to the gym regularly this year. I must admit I had a little summer hiatus where I only went to the gym to partake in the rooftop pool [oh yeah, my gym is off the chain!], but as soon as cold temps hit, I was back at it. I aim to go every day and fall short every week, making it about three times a week, which is good.

(If I aimed to go three times a week, I'd never go).

Anyway, it's December, in January, we were all talking a great game when it came to fitness. How'd you do?


ThummyB said...

Girl, #workoutfail this year...well not really a workout fail as much as an eating fail. Anyway - I took a kick boxing class last night, and while I am sore today, I was plesantly surprised to see that I didn;t struggle to keep up.

Also - LOVE the new background!!!!

South Loop Social Light said...

When I was living in the South Loop earlier this year thru June I went to the gym regularly, but once I moved I was pretty far away from my gym. Recently I started going to these Personal Training classes offered @ the gym in the same bldg as my job! They're awesome. I can already feel my body getting tight again. An extra 5 or 10 lbs didn't bother me much, but when I realized that I had gained 20 lbs since moving back to Chicago it was not a good look. I can't handle carrying any weight in my face. So, I hit the gym and already dropped 10 lbs... Now I have 10 more to go but am focusing on toning my upper body and losing the additional lbs I was showing in my face. I said fuck getting right for summer, I wanted to look amazing before spring. People underestimate the amt of weight we gain during the winter... and yes, you can tell yourself it's God's way of keeping your body warm, but Macy's can handle that for you too. lol... I got a few nice winter coats, I don't need any extra lbs!

nerdgirlms said...

I did alright. I do really well until the end of a semester and my procrastinating ways means I've got to double up on school work and skip workouts. Gotta manage my time better!

b.enchanted said...

I lasted 2 weeks. Twice. Womp.