Monday, December 28, 2009

Twitter Files: Food & Such

So on Twitter people make a great habit of telling others what they're eating, what they wish they were eating, what they're cooking and best of all Twitpic-ing photos of food.

I feel like most people eat every meal or at least twice a day. An oven and/or stove is probably used at least once a day or if you don't cook maybe 3 or 4 times a week. But we don't see the Tweets about cooking every day. We only see Tweets when people are cooking soul food or something gourment-sounding.

Peeps will be like: I'm making fried chicken, mac & cheese, greens and cornbread OR I'm making 3-cheese risotto with homemade alfredo sauce. Double-buttered garlic bread and a luscious white wine.

It's hilarious because no one ever says Peanut butter & jelly on deck. Or Chicken and rice: FTW! I know good and hell well I'm not the only person who enjoys kids foods like PB&J, grilled cheese, chicken fingers and other stuff that requires no knowledge of cooking whatsoever.

So last night I went to a pot luck and I was tweeting all the food making it sound gourmet.

3-cheese baked pasta=mac & cheese
salsa-infused whole-wheat chicken wraps=chicken taquitos
decadent broiled peach torte=peach cobbler
chocolate fudge flattened pastries=brownies

Oh yeah, I was wildin' yesterday. So what you cooking? LOL!


South Loop Social Light said...

I wasn't able to get back to AZ to spend Xmas with my parents so I was left to brave the kitchen on my own. I actually did managed to pull together some "soul food" but I was craving chicken nuggets and a portillo's hot dog a few days later. lol

antithesis said...

lmao! u must miss the tweets when i talk about my pb and j's. i thought i made it a point to let everyone know when i was enjoying what my brother calls a "fun sandwich".