Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quote of the Night

So last night we were at Monday Night Football with the fellas and per usual, debauchery ensued. Amongst other things, we played Uno at the bar, but not just any Uno... Hanna Montana Uno. Oh yes, don't hate on our good time.

So I'm sitting at the booth and one of the fellas comes back with a story:

Man voice: "Yeah, she can GTFOHWTBS. She said her girls wanted to play Uno. So I said do they have big booties. Then she looked at me with the pissy face and pointed her girls out. Have you SEEN her girls. She should've been like hell yeah, they got big booties... and they go."

LMAO! Now, I understand you probably had to be there, but this ish is funny to me, so I'm posting it.

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