Monday, December 21, 2009

Love Jones & Such

*OMG, I just looked at this post after I posted it and it looks long as hell. It's really not that bad though, I swear.*

Today I'm going to talk about Love Jones. I'm not going to really do it in any order, but here it is.
Love Jones used to be my favorite movie. It came out when I was in HS and we LOVED the hell out of that movie. We watched it at sleepovers, we watched it with our parents, with our boyfriends, it was awesome. A girlfriend joked that when a guy called and said "You want to watch Love Jones?" he was really saying, let's have sex. (She used more colorful language, but I'll let you all use your imagination on that one).

Then after college, when I was still living with my mom, my stepfather's mom came to live with us due to illness. I lived in the basement and she lived in the den (family room). She watched Love Jones on repeat EVERY night. I know all the words to the movie, so most nights I couldn't sleep. She passed away not shortly after and I swore off the movie because 1) I know all the words and was quite sick of it 2) it just reminded me of a sad time.

Fast forward to this weekend, I got it on Netflix. I don't know why I wanted to see it. I just did. Do you know I watched it SO much that the Netflix copy started to skip. It was like having a phone conversation with an old boyfriend from high school (that you're still on good terms with). It was flirty, familiar, nostalgic and just plain good.

Watching the movie as an adult and with so many advances in technology I noticed a few things.

1. It was pretty low budget... not tacky or classless, just not a big budget
2. The artistic references in the movie (music, photography, poetry, etc) are rare in movies today and I think that's what made us fall in love with it the first time.
3. Larenz Tate looks young as hell. So much so, that I feel like I'm watching the story of two young kids vs. two people who I could turn into when I grow up.
3a. I did some research and Larenz Tate was 22 when that movie came out (1997). Nia Long was 27. The movie jacket calls them "hip twenty-somethings." I think his young age (and the fact that my little brother looks just like him) is what made me so uncomfortable watching the movie this time around. It was damn near kiddie porn. LOL!
4. Nia Long's character was more confused than I remember. She was all in his face flirting and whatnot, then talking about "it's bad timing." When you're grown you stop playing games with the opposite sex. I could see how we thought that was cute in HS. Right now, today, if you want him to come up, invite him come up. If you don't want to come up, send his ass home. There's no in between. LOL!
5. I remember relating to Nina at one point. Now I relate to her single, extremely attractive, insightful girlfriend, Josie (LOL!). Except as you get older you discuss your relationships less & less. Won't be any "girl, let me tell you what he did to me" talks. It's either good, bad or needs work, but no specifics.
6. Did you all notice neither Nina or Darius had jobs. It never mattered before, but I was looking like, of course your dates are low budget. Neither of you have a job. (I'm horrible, I know).
6a. The movie also shows that if you follow your passions you'll succeed (Nina and her photography & Darius & his book). I dig that.
7. "You people running, hopping, skipping, falling, diving in love. Somebody, please, tell me how to stay there" is still my favorite quote. If we had the answer to that question, the divorce rate would drop significantly.
8. Larenz Tate could still get it. 22, 34... whatever. He could get it.

Um... I think that's all I have for now. What are your observations about the movie, favorite parts, quotes, etc.


K to the... said...

"I love you. That's urgent like a motherf***er. "

"And right now I'm the blues in your left thigh... trying to become the funk in your right. Is that all right?"

"It was like his dick called out my name.
What’d it say?"

Kay* said...

I think I'm one of the few black people who didn't really 'get' Love Jones. Every black person I know or come across online LOVES the movie...I don't get it. I like how you broke it down at the end though....Maybe I need to watch it again - now that I'm grown - with fresh eyes.....