Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Don't Count My Money!!!

Chris Chase of Yahoo! Sports said the following in this article: "Forbes said Serena made $14 million through prize money, appearance fees and endorsements. For her, having to cut a check for $82,500 is more an annoyance than anything."

I hate when people count my money and I bet celebrities do too. Now yes, Serena is ballin', but who is this author to say what's an annoyance and what's not. $82,500 is 1.6% of her 14MM salary.

The average salary of a Chicagoan is $38,625 (according to Wikipedia, so I'm sure it's not accurate, but work with me). 1.6% of that is $618. I'm not going to say if I make more or less than the average Chicagoan (get out my pocket, homie), but I'm not trying to pay ANYONE $618 and get nothing in return. Ya' feel me. Sorry, Chris Chase, that's a bit more than an annoyance.

I guess Serena gets to keep playing in tournaments in return for that lofty fee, but I just wish people would stop counting other people's money (including mine). It aggravates me.


The Real Housewife of Cook County said...

you are so right. Don't you hate that? I'm sorry but sometimes a dollar is difficult to part with no matter how much is in your paycheck . You never know what somebody is doing with their money. It's not how much you make but the allocation of the funds. When you own several homes, cars, etc. and take care of family members, some of those stars make the equivalent of what we regular folk make. Nicholas Cage is a prime example. broke as a joke with all those millions!

Gee_O said...

I feel you all day on that Ty! Six hundred bucks at one time for some foolishness???? I can't go! I don't care how much money you make, coming off 82K ain't easy! What people forget is that most times you live within the means of what you if she made 14 millie, (after the big homie Sam tax the shit out of her) I'm sure she's living like she made 14 mil!! She probably damn near fainted when she heard 82 THOUsand dollars!!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Now, when I start making money I will know for damn sure my sentiments will be yours exactly. I don't know why people always feel they are entitled to knowing what's going o nin other people's pockets. Two feet homies, two feet.

K to the... said...

That's just as bad as folk thinking cuz I don't have kids, that I gots money to spend all willy nilly.! I save up just like you, witcha knocked up, 3 kids by 4 different men face auss.